2. Scared by the Dark


Je Ne Comprends Pas

A Real Nice Poem
About The Moon


'night Mother

Six o'clock: Live With Jesus

Happy Talk

The Hook Man

The Man Who Would
Steal Happiness


and he starts talking again and he says

i like your story i really do and i think
you should know i'm kind of partial to poetry--

and i say to myself shit you're a poet

it's a wonder you ain't jumped off no bridge

but i say to him

fine no problem i'll do it

and inside i feel like a fucking yuppie
and i give him a copy of my poems and he goes
through it and he says yes i like this one

and no i don't like this one and yes and no and yes

and i get this feeling i just molded myself a career
or something and i think to myself

i don't like this poetry shit
i ain't no fucking poet.

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