2. Scared by the Dark


Je Ne Comprends Pas

A Real Nice Poem
About The Moon


'night Mother

Six o'clock: Live With Jesus

Happy Talk

The Hook Man

The Man Who Would
Steal Happiness

Je Ne Comprends Pas Français

it was a matter of culture--

that was all there was
to seeing those foreign
films from Fassbinder
to Goddard and back--

with little
subtitles so transparent
you couldn't read
them even if you tried--

i always made up my
own plots revolving
around ugly dining room
ferns and Nazi SS experiments

and after two and a half hours
of submarine claustrophobia or
homosexual erotica or little Lolita licking
long luscious lollipops i'd hug you a little
tighter and say let's go home
please i don't understand this.

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