2River Chapbook Series

The Lingering Would
Simon Anton NiƱo Diego Baena
October 2022

One Hundred Moving Parts of Love
by Lenny Dellarocca
September 2022

by Matthew Schultz
February 2021

by Matthew Freeman
February 2021

False Compare
by Andrew Cox
August 2019

Living Midair
by Karen June Olson
April 2019

by members of the Summer Workshop at the Southern State Correctional Facility; Springfield, Vermont
January 2019

Things Impossible to Swallow
by Pamela Garvey
February 2013

Una Vida de Piedra y de Palabra
by Charles D. Tarlton
May 2010

From a Lost Gospel of Mark
by Peter Weltner
January 2010

Color Field
by Mark Cunningham
October 2009

How the World Was Made
by Christien Gholson
August 2009

Fortune Cookies
by Andrew Cox
June 2009

by John Allman
October 2006

The Rosary Poems
by Alison Shaffer
February 2005

The Girl Eating Oysters
by Stewart Florsheim
April 2004

After Happily Ever After
by Wendy Taylor Carlisle
October 2003

Skin's Dark Night
by Amy Pence
February 2003

Twenty-First Century Flint
by Mary Leonard
October 2002

First Woman
by Katja
February 2002

the Gospel according to Thomas
by kris kahn
November 2001

Sex with Trees and Other Things Equally Responsive
by Rebecca Lu Kiernan
August 2001

A Note for Johnny
by Coral Hull
April 2001

After Death's Silence
by Joseph Lisowski
January 2001

Open to All
by Kenneth Pobo
May 2000

Dorothy Surrenders
by Jessy Randall
October 1999

The City on the Hill
by Joel Chace
April 1999

Ressurection Bingo
by William Dubie
November 1998

The Man Who Would Steal Happiness
by Scott Kauffman
May 1998

Of People I Want to Need Me
by Kathleen Davidson
September 1997

by Michelle Paulsen
November 1996


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2River Chapbook Series

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