Dorothy Surrenders Jessy Randall

Trapped in Oz

We tried everything to get here
We didnít know Oz could change
Eyes squeezed shut,
stepping onto the secret staircase
with fingers crossed, borrowing
from other books, mothball dresses
caressing us in the wardrobe, so
disappointed to feel the wood with our hands

Until finally I made it
disembarking from the college elevator
into an imaginary land

Everything is alive here,
singing rocks, warbling litter,
from my motel I hear this infernal racket
all night long; I canít sleep; thereís no t.v.
but plenty of pollution

Dear Dorothy
I am rolling up this message
and tying it with string
and next time a tornado comes through here
I plan to throw the message in
and hope it gets to you
If you can get me out of here
please do

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