Midnight Concerto in A Blue Major

CK Tower

What! all this for a song?

William Cecil

He says "just sing." But I'm afraid tonight,
of losing my voice, to that cat's eye which
shines slanted, in this gauzy midnight expanse.
These things are supposed to inspire. Instead
I'm left with more chalky discontentment. The breath

of night-wind rhythms, stirs my fear of
failing, displaces my sense of reason with a
chill embrace. If I close my eyes, and listen
to that natural sighing, perhaps I could
join that enchanted whisper. But what
of the deep blue allegro creeping through these

tilted synapses? Won't they set my song
off key, pursue my heart with their dusky
requiem, tell me there is no reason to sing?
With doubt and fear in tune, I replay their same
tasteless melody; a song for a soul so
poor, it fell in love with melancholy.

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The 2River View, 1_1 (Fall 1996)