CK Tower is in the touching of one with
another that we become most fully

Marilyn Sewell

I dip my fingers into the water,
and wonder at its smooth warmth. I feel as
I always do, when the sun lazes on
the other side of the world, that the moon
is a more compassionate companion,
more subtle in its revelations, like
you. I did not know when you opened your
heart, like a hesitant flower, spilling

over on a wind-tipped stem, that our in-
tangible boundaries would wound me, as
if I'd caressed a thorn, instead of a
silky petal. And still, it was never you who fed my
weakness. I craved the light of your world. And
you shined on me like this pale distant lum-
inary, treating me as an equal, not like
the day-tripping suicide dream, I was.

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The 2River View, 1_1 (Fall 1996)