The 2River View 16.2 (Winter 2012)

New Poems by

Jason M. Vaughn
First Snow

Bonnie Arning
Death Long Distance
On all the nights you leave me a spider crawls into my head

Caitlin Jackson
First Response Negative

Judy Katz-Levine
Afternoon Parable
With Dignity

John McKernan
I Am Here for the Day in Subiaco, Arkansas
My Greatest Crimes

Andrea Mehaffie
Fast Enough
If I Knew You Were There

Adam Peltz
Winter, New York City, 1893
Ash Wednesday, New Orleans

Bertha Rogers
Old January
Winter Trip

Robin Scofield
To My Mother's Backbone

James Valvis
The Philosphies of Loneliness

Tracy Youngblom
To the Dark Barn
At the Chicken Cemetery

Photography by Brent Pallas (see also his 2011 2River End of the Year Card)


Brent Pallas lives and works in New York City as a craft and home decor designer. contact