The 2River View 16.2 (Winter 2012)

Jason M. Vaughn

First Snow

Its fledglings fell almost invisibly,
so light as to sometimes be drifting up

or traveling virtually motionless
like hay motes through a barn stall.

The next moment it was dropping
in clusters as ample as autumn leaves

that had a mind to smother the world
but only hushed it and then expired,

having furred the dark humps
of our cudding Black Baldy cattle

and in the process drawn something
of those congregated forms

out of the dusk for us, as well as etched
the barn's great peak from the sky

so we might look with less fear into this
and every darkness.

Jason M. Vaughn has published, or has poems forthcoming, in Big Muddy, I-70 Review, Green Hills Literary Lantern, The Little Balkans Review, and The Same. contact