One Hundred Moving Parts of Love  •  poems by lenny dellarocca

The Invention of Children

Shhh…be quiet as a mushroom. Take the sky into the top
of your head. Never think moon
or angel. Think moon
or angel. Let rain tickle
your tongue until
it sprouts a giggle.
If a rabbit offers a
language of roots,
take it. Tip a pail of thunder
into a puddle.
Walk proudly down the
lane in leopard pajamas.
Listen to the bells
in your sister’s ribs.
Use a pink crayon to cry.
Remember, the sun is a friend when you’re on your knees,
but you don’t need
light to do extraordinary
things. So sit
at the bottom
of a well, give
your best Barbie
to charity, hold
your breath until
your birthday
shows up dressed
as Dorothy Gale.
Ask grandma
to tell you a story.
Build a house for it.
Let it float in all the rooms. Let it soar out of your mouth.

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