The 2River View 26.1 (Fall 2021)


John Amen
To Find You Like That

Deborah Bacharach
My Inner Punk Rock Skate Boarder Stands in Front of Rothko
The Quitter at 86

Marisa P. Clark
Whole Cloth
Wolf Man

Jessica Conley
The Women All Wore Black

R. L. Farr
Oh, Child, You Are Bird

Phil Goldstein
The Sound of Blood Flowing Through Me
What Wakes a Mother in the Middle of the Night

Daniel Edward Moore
Restoration Cost
River All His Words

Eric Nelson
Clearing the Air
When Water Is Up to Here with Us

Naomi Shihab Nye
Everyone Looks Familiar Now

Matthew Schultz
Parable of the Sublime
Tour de Chateau Midwestern

Nancy White
Death Buddy

Jianqing Zheng
A Cheap Thing to Do on a Boring Weekend
Memory of Mom’s Cat

Multi Media Art by Thomas Parks

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