The 2River View 21.1 (Fall 2016)

Vincent Casaregola

Seasonal Disorder

Trees etch themselves
deftly, carefully,
on a watercolor wash
of blue-grey sky,
their unleaved branches
starkly definite,
black as inkstrokes.

At the horizon,
the edge of sunset fades
gold to pale yellow,
even as I watch.

Somewhere in the grass,
or bushes, a final cricket
sounds its passing notes
for these last warm days,
unexpected in December.

Together, we wait,
leaning toward solstice,
believing that seasons still
take their inevitable course
and even growing darkness,
heavy as it may be,
falls away, hits bottom
and has an end.

Vincent Casaregola teaches American Literature, Film/Media Studies, Rhetorical Studies, and Creative Writing at Saint Louis University. He has published poetry in a number of journals, including The Examined Life, Natural Bridge, VIA, and WLA. contact

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