1.1 authors

Virginia Conn is a native of Chicago and a graduate student at SUNY Buffalo. She is the editor and co-founder of WORD OUTA BUFFALO.

Dan Hall is a native of Los Angeles and law student at Loyola.

Jordanne Holyoak is a native of the Gila River Valley of Arizona, but finds herself stranded in the cold reaches of Indiana where she teaches blind people, works as a lighting designer and botanist. She is editor of THE FREE CUISENART, which is produced by Creative Coalition of Artists, an organization fighting censorship on the internet. Her chapbook, GERONIMO CLAN, won the Giovanna Award for poetry in 1988.

James Michael Robbins lives in Austin, Texas, where he does a five-mile walk around the town lake just about every morning. He is editor of Sulphur River Review and has poems forthcoming in The Bitter Oleander.

A novelist, singer-songwriter, actor, Barry Spacks has taught literature at MIT, and is persistently a Visiting Professor at U.C. Santa Barbara. He has recently discovered Net publishing after seven paper-text poetry collections -- including SPACKS STREET: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS, Johns Hopkins -- and has poems out or forthcoming on the Web in Blue Penny Quarterly, Gruene Street, X-Connect, Mississippi Review, Zuzu Petals, Agnieszka's Dowry, Kudzu, Salmagundi, Mudlark, Switched-On Gutenberg, The Free Cuisinart, AfterNoon, and Snakeskin.

David Sutherland is a current member of The Academy Of American Poets, with a collection soon scheduled for release by MP Publishing of Norfolk, Virginia. His poems have previously appeared in a number of journals, magazines and reviews such as the The Trincoll Journal, Oyez Review, CrossConnects and elsewhere. Additionally, his work has been translated in German, Spanish and other languages for overseas distribution.

CK Tower is from Lansing Michigan, and is an editor for the WASHINGTONSQUARE REVIEW. She attends LCC (previously attended Wayne State,) and is president of the college's creative writing club. Her works have been published internationally, as well as in several internet journals. She welcomes visits to her Jasmine Room.