2. Scared by the Dark


Je Ne Comprends Pas

A Real Nice Poem
About The Moon


'night Mother

Six o'clock: Live With Jesus

Happy Talk

The Hook Man

The Man Who Would
Steal Happiness

Six O'Clock: Live With Jesus

but they could hear the atomic roar and the lights
that went out every night and the children
who all said their prayers before they
fell asleep at night as though those
prayers would be their last
Having been exposed to the radiation of the
Television Having gotten that daily
required dosage FD.A approved you know


and they all remembered it as though it were yesterday
They all remembered the Summer of Love
and they (remembered) horror stories like the
one about "the vietnam" and they put their children
to sleep by them And the children rebelled listening
to the music of the "death rockers" from the next
county Darby Crash and Alien Sex Fiend


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