2. Scared by the Dark


Je Ne Comprends Pas

A Real Nice Poem
About The Moon


'night Mother

Six o'clock: Live With Jesus

Happy Talk

The Hook Man

The Man Who Would
Steal Happiness

Six O'Clock: Live With Jesus Christ


And they remembered movies like Atomic Cafe and
the story of Charles Lindbergh and then fell
asleep leaving the television on all night
Exposing themselves to the same harmful
radiation of The Charles Lindbergh Story as it spat
at them from across the room Covering their easy
chairs--such as they had in the Twenties with the
glistening (red) white and blue radiations of light


Staying up all night reading horror stories of
nuclear holocaust even though the holocaust was
Nowhere to be seen. Hears in peals of
atomic thunder from the next county
And the corn grew wild and tall in the next county


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