2. Scared by the Dark


Je Ne Comprends Pas

A Real Nice Poem
About The Moon


'night Mother

Six o'clock: Live With Jesus

Happy Talk

The Hook Man

The Man Who Would
Steal Happiness

Six O'Clock: Live With Jesus


Wanting, and desiring two different components
from over the same valley they said in the
Twenties. Say Head for the hills, boys
. . . it's going to rain . . .
come hard in these here
mountains tonight! And they do.


There was a push towards the
hills and valleys. But that was in the Twenties
and now there's no one left
-And nothing left to say to them.
Sheltered from the oncoming
storm in their bomb-shell huts
and wondering when the dreadful
rain would Come blue-green from the sky
and the clouds and the atomic
thunder in the next county would reach them
Reach right up and grab them
That was all


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