1. Crossing My Words

Shaping The Words

Blue Rhythms

Green Chair

Love Poem

Laying Lines

Für Elise

Awaiting Your Reply

A Suicide Letter Because

The Sky's Gone Out

Fäith Mourns A Dead

The Sky's Gone Out

I remember you saying once, a long time ago--perhaps in the car coming home from a party or something--our love was like a light in the sky on a blue cloudless morning. I took it you meant the sky was eternal and didn't think you realized what you were saying (you had probably been drunk at the time.) But I woke up this morning with that damp, empty feeling, and walked into the kitchen--a gray black slanted in through the windows etching itself onto the countertop--erasing the back of the cupboard door where you painted my name once--and realized what you meant: the blue has faded, the sky's gone

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