1. Crossing My Words

Shaping The Words

Blue Rhythms

Green Chair

Love Poem

Laying Lines

Für Elise

Awaiting Your Reply

A Suicide Letter Because

The Sky's Gone Out

Fäith Mourns A Dead

Für Elise

Somehow the sterile seasons continue to change inside the diorama The children of Summer and Fall chasing and pulling on each other's worn shirt tails in the drifting tide. Anna watches them from the rocker near the window--never moving, never speaking as the cobwebs fine and white spin melancholy neglect over her long, black dress, the Puritan collar starched tightly against a small, granite throat--she would have been lover to every intricate detail of the miniature picture. Lover to the laced passionate leaves. Lover to the giving change of color closer to the vein--the flowing life's blood. And lover to the endless miniscule dances of the wind in the long stemmed grass as it bends--a forgiving suitor. Instead, she watches reservedly as the leaves dry. Whither away. Fall lifeless into the ebbing silence of a tar river. Watches as they fall lifeless through the open window of a long black car--and dust settles on tight granite lips.

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