Dorothy Surrenders Jessy Randall

A Map of Wonderland

The map of Wonderland
is three-dimensional and verbal.
A marmalade jar serves as the first landmark;
creatures move about in space
but are stationary in time. Alice’s desire
to get through the tiny door
to the beautiful garden
is another marker,
but she does not need to know
why a raven is like a writing desk.
(Because there is a ‘b’ in ‘both.’)
Most curiously, the whole of the first room
is enclosed by a tree in a forest
found beyond the room.
This is why the map of Wonderland
folds, never twice the same way,
never into a convenient shape
to tuck into your car’s glove compartment.
Because there is a ‘b’ in ‘both,’
the map of Wonderland glows,
grows larger and smaller,
ingests cakes,
commands "Read Me."

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