Exile    poems by Matthew Freeman February 2021


Here’s one of many structures:
He was faithfully taking his meds
and reading and writing and drinking coffee
all day long and while he still felt
like shit he was getting by
but then his dad couldn’t take it anymore
and came home from work angry one day
and resentful, Twenty-eight and no job!
Still living here and eating my food! A slacker!
So the kid felt bad and humiliated
but he was confused
about whatever he was going through
so he was unable to make any cogent defense
and took an attitude of “I’ll show them”
and proceeded to stop taking all his meds
and pretty soon the house was filled
with arguments and strange behavior and screaming
but his father
basically thought the kid needed a shower and a job
and his mom cried
because her son had once been on top of the world
so finally she had to take him to the hospital again
and again he was diagnosed with schizophrenia
and the doctors tried to explain that it was a difficult illness
and as the kid got straightened out it cost the government
many thousands of dollars and his dad thought it was all
bullshit and his mom could barely hold it together.

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