Exile    poems by Matthew Freeman February 2021

Just Because I Read Nietzsche Doesn’t Mean I Took That Many Drugs

Here I am in the exile where
every cough
makes you think you’re dying
and everything’s still another world,
everything deferred, and now my cousin
wants to wean me
off all meds

and I have been compliant for eighteen
long years on Clozaril
and have not taken one intoxicant
so that I have learned how
to behave and some drunk people
are like he was just on drugs

because I’m so jovial
on the elevator
but if I miss a dose
the moon falls into the ocean
and God and the devil make a bet
and Dr Valentine said maybe
the mushrooms brought it out but
it ain’t goin away and

this is all so base and abstract
and I go off on my rant because
as I’ve indicated I deal with my diagnosis
and nobody can see Freediggy!
So when Red says I don’t
have diabetes or delusions
I’ll make my way toward purity
and say what I want to say
and if anyone asks what’s wrong
with me I will happily say, Oh,
just a touch of leprosy.

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