Poems The 2River View, 9.4 (Summer 2005)
Cheryl Wood Ruggiero
reading a letter from war, in summer
Old Woman at the Warm Spring
the service of palpitations

Anna Evans
Quick, Slow, Slow
Spontaneous Combustion

Judy Kronenfeld
5:00 A. M.
A Good Day with Dad in the "Special Neighbordhood
           for the Memory-Impaired"

Elizabeth Laborde
42 Degrees South
The Passing

Stephen Newton
Through an Open Door the Sight of a Ticket
She Was Outside the Bar Smoking
Tara J. Pearson
Night Train

Catherine Perry
Dusk, Somewhere in New Mexico
Roughing It

Jayne Pupek
Contributors' Notes
Eve Stranded in Kansas

Thomas Reynolds

JeFF Stumpo
The Old Man with the Crazy Eyes

About the Artist

Barry Maloney can be found
most days in downtown Boston, speedily drawing the myriad images
of life and passing phenomena;
or in Dedham, Massachusetts,
working from his home studio,
where in June 2000
he put out his shingle as
Master artist.

Laundry © 2005 by Barry Maloney
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