Contributors The 2River View, 8.4 (Summer 2004)
Michael Brosnan is a poet and triathlete living in Exeter, New Hampshire. He works as the editor of Independent School, a quarterly magazine on precollegiate education, and is the author of Against the Current (Heinemann), a work of nonfiction on inner-city education.

Rosemarie Crisafi lives in Wappingers Falls, New York. She works in White Plains, New York for a non-for-profit agency that serves individuals with disabilities. Poems of hers are published online at Astropoetica, Poems Niederngasse, Rock Salt Plum, and Tin Lustre Mobil.

Judy Kronenfeld writes poetry, fiction and nonfiction, much of which has appeared in numerous journals. She currently has work forthcoming in Red, White and Blues: Poets on the Promise of America (Iowa, 2004), Snake Nation, Poetry International, and She teaches in the Department of Creative Writing, University of California, Riverside.

Patrick Loafman spends his summer as a wildlife biologist who studies frogs, owls, salamanders, and snakes. In the winter, he writes. He has two published chapbooks—Song of the Winter Wren and Desert Journal—and is currently trying to get a collection of nature essays published.

Joseph Massey lives in Eureka, California. His work has most recently appeared in Cranky and Oyster Boy Review.

Frances Ruhlen McConnel is about to leave her post at the University of California in Riverside to write full time. She has unfinished projects to attend to in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Life, she says, is short.

Shawn McLain is a student of English at Southeast Missouri State University. He is heavily involved with the local writing collective, Prescription Strength Poetry. After completing his undergraduate degree, he plans to attend graduate school, and one day to teach literature to college students like himself.

William Reichard is the author of two collections of poetry: How To (Mid List Press 2004) and An Alchemy in the Bones (New Rivers Press 1999).

Amie Sharp lives with her husband in Riverview, Florida, where she teaches high school English. Her poems have appeared most recently in The New Formalist and The Penwood Review.

T.L. Stokes lives in a small town where the train only runs on weekends and the waterfall is constant. Her poems appear in journals such as Circle Magazine, Gin Bender Review, Pierian Springs, Stirring, and Words on Walls.

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