C. L. Bledsoe The 2River View, 7.4 (Summer 2003)

Drunk in the Bathroom

Oh, sweet Delia, she was a Chiquita banana of a woman,
small yellow teeth with a musk like sweet wine that had sat in the sun
for seven days, then risen like the bile in old Job’s throat. If I could make
Costa Rica forget all the wrong I’ve done, I would only do more. Tell me
your name, I said, she said, “Que?” With a slight lisp, so that it sounded
like ‘gay.’ I won’t say I’d had too much to drink, there is not enough Delia
for me to ever drink myself full, though after several draughts I had to go
to the bathroom. I was back in bed wondering where my sweet Delia
had run off to before I realized Costa Rica had no bathrooms, no women,
and no sheets to rival my sweet, sweet Delia.

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