The Night of Broken Glass

Night of Broken Glass © 2000 by Endi Poskovic

Endi Poskovic has exhibited extensively in virtually all major national and international print exhibitions throughout the United States, Australia, Cuba, Croatia, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Korea, Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Yugoslavia. He teaches in the art department at Whittier College.

5.2 (Winter 2001)


Adult Club, NYC
Linda Sutton Dies
To James

C. E. Lennon
Defining Memory

Richard Denner
Hear Them Buzz
Persephone's Mirror

Suzanne Frischkorn
Secrets My Husband Keeps

William Holbrook
Above the Canals de Provence

Dorothy Doyle Mienko
Estate Sale Blues
First Communion

Christopher Mulrooney
in there
"the perished swans"

Petra Tasha Klein
In the Thin Light of November
You Were Here

Roger Pfingston
Going Out for Wood at Ten Below
For the Birds

David Wright
American Gothic, Redux
Wild Bird Feeder