Before the Circumcision

Before the Circumcision © 2000 by Endi Poskovic

Endi Poskovic has exhibited extensively in virtually all major national and international print exhibitions throughout the United States, Australia, Cuba, Croatia, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Korea, Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Yugoslavia. He teaches in the art department at Whittier College.

5.2 (Winter 2001)


Katja is a neurologist, reader, runner and expecting mother. If you have Real Audio, you can listen to her poems "In the Body" and "Catching a Rich Man." Other poems are available from her website.

C. E. Lennon is a web designer and freelance artist. Her poetry has appeared in Free Zone Quarterly, New World Poetry, The White Shoe Irregular, Countless Horizons, Friction Magazine and Niederngasse.

Richard Denner lives near Sebastopol, California. For many years, he was the proprietor of Fourwinds Bookstore and Café in Ellensburg, Washington. In his spare time, he publishes dpress chapbooks.

Suzanne Frischkorn is the poetry editor of Samsara Quarterly. Her poetry has appeared in numerous journals including The Isle Review and Owen Wister Review, and in the anthology A Generation Speaks for Itself II. Her books include The Tactile Sense (Alpha Beat Press 1996) and Exhale (Scandinavian Obiterati Press 2000).

William Holbrook, an engineer in Marseille, France, started writing poetry late in life. He finds that the writing is a good antidote to culture shock.

Petra Tasha Klein works in Chicago. She has been published in various eZines, including Conspire, Gumball Poetry, Stirring, MindKites, Snakeskin, The Adirondack Review, and Bluff Magazine.

Dorothy Doyle Mienko lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her work has been published in Stirring, FZQ, Doomed City, New World Poetry, Eclipse, Late August, Poet's Canvas, and Niederngasse.

Christopher Mulrooney lives in Los Angeles. His poetry, fiction, and translations have appeared recently in ACM, Frank, and Nimrod.

Roger Pfingston is currently online at Poet's Canvas, PoetryNow, and The Adirondack Review. His work is also in recent print magazines such as Poet Lore, Wisconsin Review, and The Chiron Review.

David Wright teaches writing and literature in Decatur, Illinois. His  poems and essays have appeared in many places, including The Midwest Quarterly, re:generation quarterly, and online in Thunder Sandwich. His first book is Lines from the Provinces.