Dancing Bear The 2River View, 4.4 (Summer 2000)


there is a shade of blue
that only fits into the eye
for a brief moment
during certain June twilights

there is nothing else like it
and if you are not standing
looking northeast
forgetting to blink

then it does not exist
it will never haunt you
make you stand in June
patiently staring

and how you must appear
while waiting looking up
and to the northeast
as the brightest stars begin

like you are expecting the sky
to erupt in fireworks
something everyone can see
burning the night air

a crash or meteor shower
the disappointment and desire
to ask you What
What is it

what that dilemma must feel
to know something so beautiful
the world's rarest gem
pure and untouched or written about

how you could name that shade
or use it in a poem
hoping perhaps that people
would stand outside

in a June twilight
waiting for the blue to darken
aware of the background and
not wanting to blink

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