2_4 (Summer 1998)


Salvatore Amico M. Buttaci has work currently in Poetry Magazine, Aphelion, North River Review, The Writers Club, and The Bohemian Forest. His poetry collection Promising The Moon is currently selling in local bookstores. He lives in Lodi, New Jersey.

Robert Creeley, in Selected Poems: 1945-1990, writes, "Why poetry? Its materials are so constant, simple, elusive, specific. It costs so little and so much. It preoccupies a life, yet can only find one in living. It is a music, a playful construct of feeling, a last word and communion."

Global Smoking Epidemic

Larry D. Griffin is Professor of English and Dean of Arts and Sciences at Dyersburg State Community College, Dyersburg, Tennessee. His books of poetry include New Fires (1982), The Blue Water Tower (1984), and Airspace (1989).

Robert Indiana is known for using public signs and symbols with altered lettering to make stark and challenging visual statements. In 1973, an 8¢ stamp was published with perhaps his most famous image, LOVE. On the envelope of a letter to Robert Creeley, Indiana numbered the stamp 1/4,000,000.

Michael Largo has published a chapbook of poetry, Nails In Soft Wood (Pikadilly Press); and a novel, Southern Comfort (New Earth Books). A former recepient of a fiction grant from the New York State Arts Council, he currently lives in South Florida, where he is a board member of the Miami International Book Fair.

nobody knows billy little , they say he lives in Nowhere, B.C., he could be writing poems in your name next week. Combat Plagiarism is a project he's currently working on wherein he writes the best poem he could possibly write that day and signs your name or Gerry Gilbert's name, or Pierre Joris or Lily Brik or Duncan McNaughton or David McFadden.

Holly Pettit has served as a Russian Linguist for the U.S. Army, graduated Harvard Divinity School, and now lives in small-town Massachusetts. Her short stories and poems have appeared in various periodicals such as Eye on Women, Eratica, and Salt River Review. Her poem, "Irkutsk," won first prize in the 1st Annual Poetry competition of the e-zine Tapestry.

Jim Sherry is a high school senior in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, where he has been learning along the banks of the St. Mary's River for all his seventeen years.

Peter Siedlecki is a Professor of English at Daemen College who has taught in Poland and the former German Democratic Republic, and--unless being so far away from baseball proves too devastating--will probably retire someday to Italy. Meanwhile, when he is not working on his book, writing poetry, or composing radio essays, he does everything in his power to spread lies about Buffalo--about its awful weather, its depressed economy, its uninteresting architecture, its dearth of culture, its bad landscape--only to keep the upwardly-mobile riffraff out.

Neca Stoller is the owner-manager of a cattle farm in south Georgia. She and her writing partner, Laura Young, this year won the Haiku Society of America Renku Award. She has poems online in Recursive Angel, Conspire, Ygdrasil, Eclectica, Snakeskin; and in paper magazines such as Frogpond, Still, Visions International, El Dorado Review, and Poetry.

Glenda Zumwalt is a Professor of English at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. She is a gardener, a grandmother, an animal lover, a sometimes poet, and a Texan at heart.