from Eleven Clues

Robert Kendall


Remove with subtlety.
Examine only out of the farthest corner of your eye.
Then look the other way and let it creep
into your assumptions before you make them.
It may keep your feelings guessing for a while,
but you should grow to like it.
Though not in the obvious ways.
Just let it find a warm place in your
latest intuition about what would appeal to you.
Eventually you should feel it taking root
in some potential grounds for encouragement--
even enthusiasm.
Requires minimal apprehension.
Guaranteed to bloom indicatively.
But then will come the fruit destined
for the deductive hand and the deciding basket--
perhaps even the meaningful table.

WARNING: In case of understanding,
break the news and pull the handle.
You'll have to let the world know
how to fit into the solution.
Yes, once that faint gleam meets the light of day,
it's yours no longer, so don't wait
for certainty to come and drag it out of you.
Only your wildest doubts can keep a grip on it.

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The 2River View, 2_1 (Fall 1997)