New poems by

Michael A. Flanagan

James Bertolino
A Kitten's Chance
Salamander Eyes

Alice Cullina
The Questions
Saint Laurence

Jaimie Gusman
Still Life with Nancy Kerrigan
Still Life with John Allyn Smith

Chera Hammons
The Pictures Are on a Tilt
To Matthew

Robert Jacoby
My mind's a cathedral, explode in
The Reverse Funeral

Thomas David Lisk
Intelligence Is a Miracle of Desire

Iain Macdonald
Alongside the Dumpster
History Lesson

Michael K. Meyers
This Is Sweden
Telling Everything

Nancy Wing
Facts of Death
Somewhere in Between

Gerald Yelle
Afternoon in Afterlife
No Different Than Crows

Art © 2008 by Mitko Zhelezarov

Noah's Ark

Sailing with Boat

Sailing with Chalice


13.1 (Fall 2008)   The 2River View