James Bertolino

A Kitten’s Chance

When the computer is your only friend,
and the more your fingers move

the less ground you cover, there may be help
for you. Don’t press hard bones into your eyes.

Don’t pry your hinges loose. There’s a bridge near
your neighborhood where something deep opens

and invites you in. Sure you’ll come out thinner,
but your mind will arch like a kitten into

the galactic petting hand, you’ll lick
the sweet raw milk of the universe.

Salamander Eyes

The ceiling fan sliced ghosts
drawn to see the baby’s

They looked like screaming,
like flaming tires.

In confusion the family lifted rocks,
seeking answers small and
convenient to the hand.

The ravens insisted the wrong questions were being asked.

Too late for Dad when they found him
praying to her shoelace.

Even her zoo cookies tasted
of dark sugars.

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13.1 (Fall 2008)   The 2River View