Gracie Leavitt

For all victims of any creation myth

Go crying through you and through me ---- the water veil ---- its lovely teeth ---- mounted
by travels of his own crane ---- surmounted by a barrel of death ---- the barrel on its side.

She cried for her common law husband ---- peeled back crescent trappings ---- lined the
lungs of her neighbors with his nacreous groin ---- ate her own children.

This, to hazard ---- this, all sweetly treatised hereafter ---- your trauma song ---- that
monolithic intestine.

We said it ---- assholes talking about god again ---- soused badly enough ---- I am a barrel
on its side ---- I am a frame for his teeth ---- I say farewell to all the masses ---- I kick a
stone between their knees.

The gantries aren't giving up ---- the cranes are flying low ---- for now ---- please forget
about not sleeping ---- for now, a strand of helenin casks ---- about the girders ---- about
hanging yourself last night.

Homily, calipers, rock

Lambent slurs, lambent inadequacy ---- the scene he gurgled out of ---- not young anymore
---- shagged with prehension ---- bad knees.

Classical mute ---- spoke the homily of rocks ---- took calipers to the sky ---- stuck subtle
tea drunk to the air.

Recalls he was raised in a motel by his mother ---- while speaking homily to the rocks ----
recalls curtsy and Baily's beads ---- turns the rocks to tisane and drinks it ---- bad knees.

Recalls motels and girls and which came first ---- tempestuous cinema of brindled gamines
---- mezzotint thinness held in ---- have become my calmer memoirs ---- and broken gates
down with light.

Not but a willful junky nerve now ---- not but willful junky nerve ---- give it a name ----
name it after a day ---- give it to the palmistry above ---- pavé palmistry above.

He recalls ---- he throws rocks ---- his belly is full ---- there is a river.

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